The Story’s Business Administrator is a fully committed Christian and intensely motivated to inspire non-religious people to follow Jesus. This individual is a high-integrity, goal-oriented self-starter who understands that the goals of Christian leadership are 1) servant-leadership, 2) empowering and resourcing others to do the work of God’s kingdom, and 3) unabashedly sharing the gospel of Jesus with the world. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Church Finance

  • Managing business accounts and financial procedures, ensuring proper maintenance and security of all church financial records
  • Supervising church accountant and finance teams to ensure that systems meet guidelines, and that all systems are ready for a yearly audit
  • Working with accountants to provide pastors and Board of Directors with quarterly ledger sheets and other financial reports upon request
  • Work with pastoral team in long-term planning, preparation of proformas and financial projections for church, school, campuses, and key ministries
  • Monitoring ministry budget accounts and expenditures, providing ministry directors with quarterly reports to track year-to-date budgets
  • Serving as the purchasing agent for the church and overseeing vendor accounts
  • Serving as the church representative for contracts with insurance companies, property rentals, and other similar companies
  • Assisting with Stewardship projects
  • Overseeing budgeting processes for building projects
  • Managing church supply systems with the assistance of finance and administration staff

Qualifications and Compensation:

  • Masters degree
  • Experience managing churches in pastoral or administrative roles
  • Compensation full-time plus benefits, based on experience
  • The Business Administrator will report directly to the Executive Pastor